7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Green Harris Tweed Handbag

7 Reasons to own a Green Harris Tweed bag showing Country Green Satchel Bag, Crossbody Bag and Coin Purse

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Green Harris Tweed Handbag

A Country Green Harris Tweed Handbag is a timeless and iconic fashion statement, crafted with luxurious wool fabric of the highest quality. Whether for work or pleasure, this classic accessory exudes style and stands out from the crowd. Learn about the many benefits of owning one of our Country Green Harris Tweed Handbags here!

Timeless Design

Like all of our bags, our Country Green Harris Tweed Handbags are designed to last. The quality of Harris Tweed fabric ensures that it won’t wear out over time, and keeps its original look. It is also worth noting that Harris Tweed fabric is unique as every piece has a distinct pattern, so you’ll be sure to have a one-of-a-kind accessory.

High Quality Scottish Textile

Harris Tweed fabric is a Scottish Textile which is made only in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It has been an iconic symbol of quality since it’s inception back in 1912, with each piece of fabric being made with local wool by local people. The result is a luxe, sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down as needed, making it the perfect accessory for any situation.

Variety of Styles Available

When it comes to Harris Tweed Handbags, you certainly won’t be limited in terms of style and colour. From our sophisticated satchel and classic tote, to sleek purses and accessories, there is a variety of styles available. A Harris Tweed Handbag can provide the perfect pop of colour while adding a touch of timeless class to any outfit.

Unique, Stunning Herringbone Fabric

Our Country Green Harris Tweed colour incorporates the highest quality fabric of Scottish origin in a Herringbone style. This luxurious, traditional pattern is recognised all over the globe and complements both formal and casual outfits with its subtle yet distinct appearance. It also oozes a timeless quality, making you sure that your bag will remain in style for many years to come!

Choose your Style

It’s time to choose the Green Handbag that best suits you. You can browse all of our Country Green Handbags, Purses and Accessories here.