Fáilte gu maccessori Welcome to maccessori

Introducing a little bit of Scottish heritage into your day-to-day life. 


Inspired by our Scottish heritage and breath-taking highland landscapes we design our products using modern techniques, durable materials and modern colours. 


We offer a beautiful range of traditional yet modern bags, purses and accessories for women and men, using Genuine Harris Tweed, tartan fabrics in combination with other materials. 


Scotland is known for luxury textiles, and this inspires our choices of materials and unique designs and colours. Our modern combinations of textiles and materials, along with our high-quality standards, has made Maccessori popular all over the world.


Founded in a small village in the West of Scotland and now with a showroom in Glasgow, we continue to take inspiration from a fusion of Scotland’s heritage and modern influences. 


Each year, we incorporate trending colours and designs into our products. Using our knowledge, experience and eye for detail, we continue to create functional and unique collections every year. 


Every piece that we create has been designed to introduce a little bit of Scottish heritage into your day-to-day life. 


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