A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Harris Tweed Bag

How to Choose a Harris Tweed Bag showing three Herringbone Tweed bags in Blue, Green and Turquoise

A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Harris Tweed Bag

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory to make your outfit stand out, look no further than a Harris Tweed bag. With a wide range of styles and colours available, finding the right one can be overwhelming – but we’ve got all the info you need to help make your decision easier.

Choose the bag style that’s right for you

From our large bags like our Messenger Bag and Shopper Bag to our Backpack and smaller bags like our Clutch Bag and Mini Crossbody Bag, there’s a Harris Tweed bag for every taste and occasion. The first step to finding the perfect Harris Tweed bag is figuring out what style would best suit your needs. Take into consideration the different characteristics of each bag style, such as size, shape, handles or straps, and external features like pockets or closure type.

Consider Your Needs

Before you begin shopping for your Harris Tweed bag, it’s important to consider your needs. Do you only need a small bag for carrying a few essentials? Or do you need something bigger that has more room for items such as textbooks and notebooks? The size of the bag should be determined by what you plan to use it for; this will help to narrow down your selection considerably. Once you’ve found the right style for you, it’s time to consider colour.

Consider the colours and patterns of the tweed fabric

The beauty of Harris Tweed is that every piece of fabric is unique, meaning that each bag you choose will be one-of-a-kind! Think about the colour and pattern combination that best fits your personality. Do you want to make a bold statement with bright colours like our Rainbow Tweed or Saffron Yellow? Or perhaps opt for something more subtle like Country Green or something darker like our Blue Check? Whatever look you’re going for, with so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

Time to Browse

Now it’s time to browse and choose the right back for your style and needs.

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