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Harris Tweed Patterns

Harris Tweed Patterns

There are 100s of different patterns which all stem from four main Harris Tweed patterns.

We’ll talk you through the four main Harris Tweed patterns, and then we’ll share our own Maccessori tweed patterns.

Firstly, let’s look at the four main types of Harris Tweed patterns.

Harris Tweed Patterns

Plain Twill

It’s the most popular pattern. It has distinct diagonal effects in the cloth where the interlacing points of warp and weft move left or right and upwards or downwards. Twill weaves which show the diagonal effect running from bottom left to top right are referred to as twill right.


Also known as houndstooth check or hound’s tooth, dogstooth, dogtooth or dog’s tooth. Houndstooth is often black and white, although other colours are used.

Houndstooth Harris Tweed has broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes.


Herringbone is a pattern consisting of columns of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other way.

It gets it’s name from the resemblance of fish bones – ‘Herring’s bones‘.

You can read more in our Herringbone Harris Tweed blog post.


Plaid Harris Tweed consists of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colours.

Maccessori Harris Tweed Patterns

Maccessori Tweed Patterns

At the moment, we have nine Harris Tweed colours available (although you may occasionally see a Limited Edition tweed featured on our website). Every year we choose a new tweed design, with the help of our customers.

Click the links to browse all our products available in each colour.

Column 1

Purple Check Harris Tweed

Blue/Pink Harris Tweed

Blue/Brown Harris Tweed

Column 2

Pastel Pink Harris Tweed

Saffron Yellow Harris Tweed

Blue Check Harris Tweed

Column 3

Turquoise Herringbone 

Blue Herringbone

Country Green Herringbone

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