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Highland Games in Scotland

Highland Games in Scotland

Highland Games in Scotland take place during the summer months every year.

These events are pretty special, and we encourage you, if you can, to experience it for yourself.

The Games include traditional events such as Hammer Toss, Caber Throw and Tug O’ War.

The Games are a place for all the family and also include dancing, music, food stalls and more.

One event, that started as a joke in the 1970s is now a popular event at some Highland Games. Haggis Hurling- would you believe!

There’s even a World Haggis Hurling Association!

Have you ever seen (or partaken in) Haggis Hurling?

Source Visit Scotland.

Learn about the Highland Games and Haggis Hurling in our videos.

Highland Games


Haggis Hurling

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