Highland Games in Scotland

Highland Games in Scotland

The History and Traditions of Highland Games in Scotland

The Highland Games in Scotland are a celebration of Scottish culture and history, featuring traditional sports and competitions that have been passed down for generations.

Highland Games in Scotland take place during the summer months every year. These events are pretty special, and we encourage you, if you can, to experience it for yourself.

From the iconic caber toss to bagpipe competitions, these games offer a unique and exciting experience for visitors to Scotland.

The Games are a place for all the family and also include dancing, music, food stalls and more.

Learn more about the history and significance of the Highland Games and what you can expect to see at these events.

Origins of Highland Games

The origins of Highland Games can be traced back to the 11th century when King Malcolm III organized a foot race to find the fastest runner in the land to be his messenger. Over time, the games evolved to include other traditional sports such as caber tossing, hammer throwing, and tug-of-war. The games were also used as a way to select the strongest and most skilled men for battle. Today, the Highland Games are a celebration of Scottish culture and heritage, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Traditional Events and Competitions

The Highland Games feature a variety of traditional events and competitions that showcase the strength, skill, and endurance of the competitors. Some of the most popular events include caber tossing, where competitors throw a large wooden pole end over end, and hammer throwing, where competitors throw a heavy metal ball attached to a handle. Other events include tug-of-war, stone putting, and the famous bagpipe competitions. Each event has its own set of rules and regulations, and competitors train for months to prepare for the games.

Haggis Hurling

One event, that started as a joke in the 1970s is now a popular event at some Highland Games. Haggis Hurling- would you believe! There’s even a World Haggis Hurling Association! Have you ever seen (or partaken in) Haggis Hurling?

Scroll down to find out more in our Haggis Hurling video.

Where to Experience Highland Games in Scotland

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of Highland Games in Scotland, there are many events held throughout the country during the summer months. Some of the most popular include the Braemar Gathering, the Cowal Highland Gathering, and the Inverness Highland Games. These events attract thousands of visitors each year and offer a unique opportunity to witness traditional Scottish sports and cultural events. Many of the games also feature live music, food and drink vendors, and other entertainment, making them a fun and memorable experience for the whole family.

Highland Games


Haggis Hurling

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