How to Store Handbags Properly – 8 Expert Tips

How to store Harris Tweed Handbags properly

8 Expert Tips for Storing Handbags and Purses the Right Way

Keep your handbags in pristine condition by following these expert-recommended tips for proper storage. Read on for more information!

You’ve chosen your Harris Tweed bag, and now let’s look at how you can take care of your handbag properly. We want to make sure you get the most out of your Maccessori handbag, so follow these simple steps and you should get plenty of wear from your Harris Tweed handbag.

Storing your handbags and purses properly is essential for keeping them looking their best and avoiding damage. From using breathable bags to choosing the right materials, there are many steps you can take to keep your handbags in perfect condition.

How to care for your handbag - clean out your handbag regularly.

#1. Clean out your handbag regularly. Remove all items when it goes back on the shelf to preserve the internal lining of your handbag. Keeping items inside your bag increases the risk of spills and unwanted smells.

How to care for your handbag - Store your handbag in a dry place.

#2. Always store your handbags in a dry place away. Keep your handbag away from humid areas. Humid air can damage the bag if exposed for long periods of time.

How to care for your handbag - keep your handbag out of sunlight.

#3. Keep it out of sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause discolouration, so choose a dark dry place to store your Harris Tweed bag. Sunlight can cause the purses to become brittle, losing their shape and colour.

How to care for your handbag - maintain the shape while you're not using it.

#4. Maintain the shape when you’re not using it. To keep your handbags and purses safe from dents, bends and creases, fill them with a material like tissue or unspun cotton wool. This padding will also help your bags to retain their shapes.

How to care for your handbag - don't hang your bag.

#5. Don’t hang your bag. Hanging your bag for long periods of time can put pressure on your strap. To avoid damaging the shoulder strap, instead store your handbag carefully on a shelf, ensuring your strap is placed neatly without kinks.

How to care for your handbag - Use a dust bag to protect it from dust.

#6. Use a dust bag or a cotton pillowcase to protect our handbag from dust when you’re not using it. Regular plastic or fabric bags won’t do the trick—they need to be made from a breathable material like linen, muslin, cotton canvas or leather. This will keep your bag safe from dust, dirt and any humid air that could damage it.

How to care for your handbag - use a bag liner to protect the inside of your bag from spills.

#7. Consider using a bag liner or bag organiser to protect the inside of your bag from spills. This extra step will keep your handbag lining in great condition. Liners are also a great way of keeping your handbag organised and tidy.

How to care for your handbag - always zip or fasten your handbag.

#8. Always zip or fasten your handbag to avoid putting extra pressure on the bag. Avoid creases, dents and unwanted shape changes to your handbag by ensuring your handbag is always closed properly when not in use. Ensure all zips and fastenings are closed when returning your handbag to its shelf.

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