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Woollen Scarf and Bag Combos

Woollen Scarf and Bag Combos

We launched our new wool scarves a few weeks ago, and we’ve been working out our favourite scarf and bag combinations since. Obviously there are so many combinations, all of which are wonderful, whether you’re choosing matching or clashing colours.

Here’s our favourite scarf combinations that we feel match well with the Harris Tweed colours of each bag.

Teal, Olive and Burgundy Wool Scarves
Orange, Navy and Cream Wool Scarves

Burnt Orange Scarf with Saffron Yellow Harris Tweed Backpack

Navy Scarf with Blue Check Harris Tweed Shopper Bag

Biscuit Scarf with Country Green Harris Tweed Mini-Messenger Bag



We’ve taken videos of all of these combinations and you can see them on our YouTube channel:

Wool Scarves Playlist