Woollen Scarf and Bag Combos

Wool Scarf and Harris Tweed Bag Combinations

Woollen Scarf and Bag Combos

Since we launched our Wool Scarves, we’ve been working out our favourite scarf and bag combinations. From classy and timeless looks to modern and playful pieces, we have chosen combinations of wool scarves and Harris Tweed bags to fit your individual style. Whether you’re looking for a curated look or want to mix and match different colourways, this list of fashionable combos will give you some inspiration! Obviously there are so many combinations, all of which are wonderful, whether you’re choosing matching or clashing colours.

Teal Wool Scarf with Blue/Pink Harris Tweed Large Shoulder Bag

Teal Scarf and Rainbow Tweed Large Shoulder Bag

Elevate your look with this classic combination – pair a teal wool scarf with our Blue/Pink Harris Tweed Large Shoulder Bag. The blue tones of the tweed will be complemented by the vibrant colour of the scarf, while the black vegan leather trim on the bag adds a sophisticated touch to your look. This combo is perfect for an autumn day spent strolling around town or a night out with friends!

Olive Wool Scarf with Turquoise Harris Tweed Satchel Bag

lightweight wool scarf olive and turquoise herringbone Harris Tweed satchel bag

Create a timeless yet modern look with this combination – team our Olive Wool Scarf with our Turquoise Harris Tweed Satchel Bag. The light colours on the scarf will be complemented by the Turquoise and cream colours of the bag – a perfect blend of classic style and contemporary flair. This combo is ideal for heading to work in style or for those days when you want an effortlessly chic look!

Burgundy Wool Scarf with Purple Check Harris Tweed Square Shoulder Bag

lightweight wool scarf in Burgundy with Purple Check Harris Tweed Square Shoulder Bag

This classic pairing exudes autumnal chic. Pair our Burgundy Wool Scarf with our Purple Harris Tweed Square Shoulder Bag to make a real statement. The deep colour of the scarf offsets the bold, check pattern of the bag in an eye-catching way that will look beautiful all winter long. Whether you’re going for smarter occasion wear or a cosy weekend look, this combo is sure to elevate your wardrobe.

Burnt Orange Wool Scarf with Saffron Yellow Harris Tweed Backpack

lightweight wool scarf in burnt orange with saffron yellow Harris Tweed backpack

One of our favourite combinations is a burnt orange wool scarf paired with a Saffron yellow Harris Tweed backpack. This stylish pair adds a pop of colour to your look while still feeling practical and timeless. The woolen scarf is warm and soft, while the Harris Tweed bag brings in the classic country style for an eye-catching finish.

Navy Wool Scarf with Blue Check Harris Tweed Shopper Bag

thin wool scarf in navy with large shopper bag in blue check Harris Tweed

If you’re looking for a classic pairing with a slightly vintage feel, try our Navy Woolen Scarf and Blue Check Harris Tweed Shopper Bag. With the deep marine hue of the scarf, this look exudes subtle sophistication. The dapper navy pairs perfectly with the warm but contemporary feel of the Blue Check Shopper Bag – perfect for carrying items to the office or during days spent in town.

Biscuit Wool Scarf with Country Green Harris Tweed Mini-Messenger Bag

biscuit cream woollen scarf with Country Green Harris Tweed Mini Messenger bag

Add a dose of subtlety to your wardrobe with our Biscuit colour Woolen Scarf paired with our Country Green Harris Tweed Mini-Messenger Bag. The warm tones of the scarf contrast nicely against the muted colours of the messenger bag for a chic ensemble that is great for errands or an outdoor adventure. Whether you dress it up or down, this combination is sure to turn heads!

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